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Image by Jon Flobrant


Enjoy a day of Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass fishing in the upper and lower sections of the Housatonic River from my ClackaCraft drift boat. We fish in slower and deeper water where these fish like to hide and wait for their prey. Whether we are throwing bigger streamers or surface poppers the excitement of a big Northern Pike or Smallmouth Bass taking your fly is very exciting. We will be using top-of-the-line technology fly rods, custom leaders with custom-tied pike and bass flies.


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Pike Fishing catch


Full-day bass and pike fishing trips are a great way to spend an entire day on the water. Full-day trips are typically 8 hours. Use of top-shelf fly rods, hand-tied flies, and leaders as well as drinks, snacks, and shore lunch is included.

Bass fishing catch


Half-day pike and bass fishing trips are typically 4 hours of fishing. They are a great way to spend a morning or evening on the water. Use of top-shelf fly rods, hand-tied flies, and leaders along with drinks and snacks are included.

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